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What type of hunting is available in Idaho?

You can hunt elk, deer, black bear, mountain lion and wolf, as well as many other upland bird and small game animals.

Where do I purchase an Idaho hunting license?

You can purchase a hunting license directly at the Idaho Fish and Game website.

How should I select a big game hunting outfitter?

Look for an outfitter with experience in the area you want to hunt, ask for references you can call or email, check to make sure their outfitter license is up to date, review their contractual documents, read online reviews, and determine how helpful the outfitter is in providing answers to your questions.

Where in Idaho is a good place to hunt in the backcountry?

Idaho’s Selway Wilderness is one of the most remote wilderness areas in the country. This wilderness offers some of the last nearly untouched beauty you can find.

What type of gear should I bring on an Idaho bear hunt?

See our Spring Bear hunt gear list for an extensive set of information and recommendations.

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