Spring and Fall Bear Hunts

Hunt Idaho black bear

Spring and Fall Idaho Bear Hunting

We hunt bears and wolves in the Selway and Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho’s Hunting Unit 17.  The Selway Wilderness is a two bear and multiple wolve area with non-resident tags only $41.75 and $31.75 each.  See Idaho Hunting Regulations for complete details and latest pricing. You have an incredible opportunity to hunt two of North America’s largest predators at the same time. Our Idaho bear hunts average over 50% color phase (blonde, brown, black and cinnamon) and hunters have an excellent opportunity to harvest the unique trophy of a lifetime. Idaho bear hunting is great for bow hunters and junior hunters, and our bear hunts are offered each Spring. We hunt wolves incidentally over bait and use electronic and voice calls. There may also be some opportunities for spot and stalk hunting.

Idaho’s Selway Wilderness

The Selway is spectacular country where you can also enjoy great photo opportunities.  Very few people get an opportunity to visit and take in the grandeur.  Along with an amazing display of wildflowers you can expect to see bears, deer, elk, moose, martin, and occasionally sheep and goats.

Base Camp Hunts

For Idaho bear hunting, we offer drive-to base camp hunting at the most comfortable camps in the wilderness.  You’ll stay in heated wall tents and enjoy great meals. This is a great hunt to bring junior hunters or others you want to introduce to hunting. Cameron Outfitters offers 50% off for junior mentor hunters  We hunt from camp with 4-wheel drive vehicles and many of the  baits are easy walking distance from the vehicle. Before the hunt and after breakfast you can stay in camp and relax in the mornings or accompany the guides while baiting and have an opportunity for some spot and stalk hunting.  We’ll wrap up the mid-day meal and you’ll be guided to your bait and hunt until dark.  Following the evening hunt we will return to camp to enjoy a hearty evening meal and share the day’s adventures.  We have a variety of camps throughout the Selway Wilderness.

Spring and Fall Backcountry Hunts

For those who are more adventurous, guides will pack you in on horses and mules to some back country areas far from the road. You will have opportunities to hunt bears that have had little to no contact with humans.  These hunts are more strenuous than the base camp hunts.  Idaho bear hunting is typically riding out to and from baits, and the ride back will probably be in the dark. Part of the backcountry adventure is experiencing camp life while surrounded by the beauty all around you.  The camps are simple yet comfortable.  The tents are warm, the food is awesome. If you are looking for a wilderness experience and a great huntthis is it!

Camp TypeHunt LengthPrice Per Hunter
Base3 Days $2,000
Base6 Days $3,400
Backcountry7 Days$3,900

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to book our Idaho bear hunts

We Throw In The Wolf Hunting

The opportunity to hunt North America’s super predator is limited to a very few sportsmen.  Wolves are beautiful, extremely smart and crafty, making them one of, if not the toughest, animal to hunt in North America.  We occasionally have wolves come into bear baits offering you an opportunity to harvest one.  We can also use electronic and voice calls.  If you like to predator hunt this is a great day time activity before you go out to the baits in the evening.

Hunting Logistics

In Idaho you must use fixed broadheads for all bow hunting. All food, lodging, trophy prep and guides are furnished.  Airport pick up is available from Missoula, Montana.

We charge a $500.00 trophy fee for the second bear.


You will be hunting in the Northern Rockies at about 4000 ft. elevation. During this time of the year the weather can be anywhere from 80°F and dry to 20°F windy and snowing, and that may be in the same day. The evening hunts require sitting for several hours so layering is essential.

Idaho Bear Hunting Gear List

In Idaho you do not need hunter orange. Our camps are very remote and the chance of seeing other hunters is small. If you have camouflage hunting clothing bring it, but it is more important to be quite than camouflaged. It is not necessary to go out and purchase hundreds of dollars of scent lock camo, but it is important that your clothes and rain gear are not noisy in the brush. Bears have an incredible sense of smell and most times are very cautious at coming into bait. It is very important to be a good still hunter. You will be sleeping in a cabin tent heated by a woodstove. The tent can get quite warm when the stove is first loaded and not stoked down sufficiently but often in the early morning hours if no one tends the fire it may go out and the tent can get cold.

Suggested clothing for a six-day Spring bear hunt

  • 1 light weight long sleeved shirt
  • Long sleeved shirts, wool recommended
  • 1 pair of jeans for in camp
  • 1 pair of light weight hunting pants
  • 1 pairs of wool pants or synthetics
  • Pairs of lighter hiking or wool blend socks
  • 6 pairs of heavier wool blend socks
  • Pair of camp shoes, slippers, or tennis shoes
  • Pair of leather hiking boots w/Air-bob or vibram soles
  • Pair of rubber-bottomed snow packs
  • Pair of lighter base layer
  • Pair of heaver base layer
  • Handkerchiefs
  • 2 Silk neck scarves (wild rags)
  • 1 Cap, ear band or hat, wool or felt recommended
  • 1 Wool hunting coat
  • 1 Vest (optional)
  • 1 Sweater (optional)
  • 1 Set of heavy duty breathable rain gear (should have soft quiet exterior)
  • 1 Sleeping bag and extra blanket
  • 1 Wash cloth & towel set
  • Misc. toiletry items (i.e. soap, toothbrush & paste, shampoo, razor & cream, Chap Stick, hand lotion, Advil, moist towels or baby wipes etc…)
  • Personal prescription medicine
  • Shower shoes (optional)

Hunting Pack

  • 1 Pair of binoculars
  • Hunting license
  • Rifle and ammo (Please have sighted in)
  • Scope and cover
  • Cleaning kit
  • 1 Flashlight w/extra batteries (Mini-Mag) or head lamp
  • 1 Camera w/extra film; videos are welcome
  • 1 Water bottle, quart size
  • 1 Day pack or fanny pack
  • GPS (optional)
  • Small Nylon line
  • Trash bag
  • Game bags