Bugling Elk Rifle Hunts

Guaranteed Tags. No drawings. No hassles

Elk Hunting in the Selway Wilderness

Idaho’s Unit 17 offers some of the finest elk hunting anywhere in the Rocky Mountains.  It is one of the few remaining places where you are allowed to rifle hunt for bugling elk early season.  During Idaho elk hunting season it’s also open season for wolf, mountain lion and black bear.  We have guaranteed outfitter tags. You don’t have to hassle with drawings, or lotteries.

Our exclusive operating area is one of the largest in Idaho and is located inside the largest wilderness area in the lower 48.  It is some of the most beautiful, remote, rugged country you will ever experience.  We provide great mountain stock and guides that will do whatever it takes, but you need to be able to cover the country to be successful. 

What to expect

We start the day early, have a great breakfast and ride out from camp on horses and mules, then go on foot to get to the best hunting spots. When that big bull bugles we want you in the right spot!  Our average shot distance for elk last year was less than 100 yards. 

After your trophy is down, the field processing, caping and trophy preparation will be taken care of by your guide.  After hunting each day you will  arrive back at camp for a great dinner and relaxation where you can share your stories of the day with the other hunters.  This is true western wilderness hunting at its finest. 

We offer one hunter per guide (1 on 1 hunts), or two hunters per guide (2 on 1 hunts).  2 on 1 hunts are always from the same party. We can accommodate non-hunters at an additional cost.

This is a combination hunt and once you have your elk and deer we will go after anything else you have tags for. We can hunt for bears, and we especially like to call wolves and coyotes.   There are no additional costs or trophy fees.  We just love to hunt.

Guided Hunts – Rates and Availability

HuntsAvailable Dates1 on 12 on 1Notes
Guided Backcountry HuntsSeptember 15 - November 11$7,700$6,500Prices are per hunter.

Drop Camp Hunts

Cameron Outfitters will pack you, your hunting buddies and your gear on horseback and mules to one of our remote backcountry camps.  This is an outstanding hunt for the experienced back country hunter. 

Our camps are well furnished with tents, cots, chairs, wood heating stoves, large propane cooking stove, a complete kitchen box and all the other gear to make you self-sufficient in the wilderness.

You arrive at our base camp the evening before we pack you in.  Once there, we will go over maps and have a thorough orientation of the area and camps.  We’ll pack up most of your gear that evening and then sit down to a great dinner.  Breakfast is served first thing in the morning before we pack you in and we send lunch with you.

Once your trophy is on the ground, you are responsible for field dressing and caping the animal and getting the quarters to a location we can get the pack mules to.  Our packers will take the meat and pack it back to base camp where it will be hung and ready for you when we pack you out.

We provide radios so you are in communication with base camp. You can call us to come pack your meat back to base camp or address any issues that may come up.

Drop camp hunts are not for everyone. If you are an experienced elk hunter and are comfortable in remote backcountry locations this hunt is a lot of fun for a group of friends and family.

Drop Camp Items Furnished

  • 2 – 12’X14’ tents for 3 people or more.
  • 1 – Wood fired heating stove for each tent
  • 1 – Propane cooking stove with large propane bottle
  • 1 Lantern per tent
  • Propane cylinders for lanterns or batteries for electric lanterns
  • 1 – Kitchen Cupboard with all necessary cooking and eating utensils
  • 1 – Kitchen table
  • 1 – Chair for each hunter
  • 1 – Radio setup to talk to Base Camp
  • 1 – Sleeping cot for each hunter
  • 1 – Sleeping pad for each hunter
  • 1 – Portable toilet
  • 1 – Bow saw
  • 1 – Axe
  • 1 – Shovel
  • 1 – Broom
  • 1 – Drinking water pouch.

Drop Camp Hunts – Rates and Availability

HuntsAvailable Dates3 Hunters4+ HuntersNotes
Combination HuntFall$3,900$3,500Prices are per hunter

We have Guaranteed Outfitter Tags. 

No drawing, no lottery, no hassles.

Idaho Big Game Seasons and Rules

See the Idaho Seasons and Rule brochure for most recent information, changes, and updates for Idaho elk hunting.

License Type2021 State Fees
Hunting License$264.00 + $10 depredation fee per license
Junior Hunting License$91.75 + $4 depredation fee per license
Deer Tag$351.75
Deer Tag (Junior - Mentored)$176.75
Elk Tag$651.75
Elk Tag ( Junior - Mentored)$299.75
Reduced Bear Tag (Lolo, Selway, Middle Fork zones)$41.75
Reduce Lion Tag (Selway, Middle Fork zones)$41.75
Reduced Wolf Tag (State Wide)$31.75

Idaho Elk Hunting Gear List

Thank you for booking a fall hunt with Cameron Outfitters. You will be hunting in the Northern Rockies at elevations between 4000 ft. and 9000 ft. During this time of the year the weather can be anywhere from 80°F hot, sunny and dry to 10°F windy and snowing, or in between and wet and that may be in the same day.

You could be riding a horse or hiking up steep hills, therefore layering is essential. Your most important item is a very good pair of hunting / hiking boots. Much of our ground is steep and you might be side hilling. A broken in well fitting pair of boots is essential. Avoid bringing a brand new pair of boots to camp.

You will be sleeping in a cabin tent heated by a woodstove. The tent can get quite warm when the stove is first loaded and not stoked down sufficiently but often in the early morning hours if no one tends the fire it may go out and the tent can get cold.

We recommend a medium warm sleeping bag with a blanket that can be added or subtracted as required, again layering. Cotton base and outer layers might be OK in the summer but cotton does not work well in hunting camp. An old adage from winter survival training is “Cotton Kills”. There are many wonderful synthetics for both base and outer layers today so it is easy to pick an alternative to cotton. Wool is still hard to beat and is a good choice also.

Idaho does not require Hunter Orange. Our camps are very remote and the chance of seeing other hunters is small. If you have camouflage hunting clothing bring it, but it is more important to be quiet than camouflaged.


Suggested clothes for an 8 – 10 day hunt

  • 1 Light weight long sleeved shirt
  • 3 Long sleeved shirts, wool recommended
  • 1 Pair of jeans for in camp
  • 1 pair of light weight hunting pants
  • 1 or 2 Pairs of wool pants or synthetics
  • Leather belt
  • 6 Pairs of lighter hiking or wool blend socks
  • 6 Pairs of heaver wool blend socks
  • 1 Pair of camp shoes, slippers, or tennis shoes
  • 1 Pair of leather hiking boots w/Air-bob or Vibram soles
  • 1 Pair of rubber-bottomed snow packs
  • Underwear
  • 1 Pair of lighter base layer
  • 1 Pair of heaver base layer
  • Handkerchiefs
  • 2 silk neck scarves (wild rags)
  • 1 Cap, ear band or hat, wool or felt recommended
  • 1 Wool hunting coat
  • 1 Vest (optional)
  • 1 Sweater (optional)
  • 1 Set of heavy duty breathable rain gear (should have soft quiet exterior)

Personal Items

  • 1 Sleeping bag and extra blanket
  • 1 Wash cloth & towel set and misc. toiletry items (i.e. soap, toothbrush & paste, shampoo, razor & cream, Chap Stick, hand lotion, Advil, moist towels or baby wipes etc…)
  • Shower shoes optional

Hunting Pack

  • 1 Pair of binoculars
  • Hunting license if purchased on your own
  • Rifle (please sight it in prior to your trip)
  • Scope cover
  • Cleaning kit
  • 2 boxes of ammo
  • 1 Knife 3” to 5″ blade
  • Small knife sharpener
  • 1 Flashlight w/extra batteries (Mini-Mag) or head lamp
  • 1 Camera
  • 1 Cigarette lighter
  • 1 water bottle (Quart size)
  • 1 Day pack or fanny pack
  • Flag tape for those in Drop Camp
  • Compass
  • GPS (optional)
  • Small Nylon line
  • Trash bag
  • 2 small camp axes to split back bone (Drop Camp Hunters Only)
  • Game bags (Drop Camp Hunters Only)
  • Caping knife (Drop Camp Hunters Only)
  • Extra line to hang quarters (Drop Camp Hunters Only)

This is a basic list that reflects my personal bias in clothing and in hunting equipment for Idaho elk hunting. It is intended for reference only. Feel free to add or subtract as you prefer. The important thing is dress in layered clothing that is not cotton and that is quiet. Try and keep your hunting pack to a minimum as it will be heavy enough at the end of the day, however we do hunt in very remote areas and you should have enough equipment to be self sufficient in the wilderness. For guided hunters your guide will have all the necessary equipment to care for your game.

Cameron Outfitters Wolf Hunt

Add a Wolf Hunt

Add a wolf hunt to any elk or deer hunt for free. You can also join us in Winter or early Spring for a snowmobile hunt for these super predators (Idaho license and tags are charged a separate fee). Read Super Predator Hunt details.

Idaho elk hunting memories

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