Hunting and Wilderness School

Selway Wilderness

Idaho’s Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness offers some of the finest elk hunting anywhere in the Rocky Mountains.  This country is extremely remote, rugged and beautiful.  Year after year our guided hunters enjoy over twice the success rate of their non-guided friends.  Hunting elk in remote mountainous terrain is completely different than hunting white tails.  If you don’t live and play in elk habitat how can you expect to obtain the required knowledge to become a proficient elk hunter?  Reading hunting magazines is no substitute for being in the hills. To solve this problem Cameron Outfitters has designed a hunting and wilderness school to help you gain the knowledge and experience to be an effective elk hunter your next time out. This school was designed especially to make non-guided hunters be more successful, increase their competency in the wilderness and give them confidence in the back country.  However anyone wishing to increase their skills and knowledge of elk hunting and woodsmanship should attend and will have a great time in the wilderness. The skills that you learn here will work anywhere elk are found.

About Cameron Outfitters

We are a family run outfit that specializes in outstanding personalized service.  We consider our guides and teachers the best in the business and most of them have worked for us for years.  We take pride having the finest camps, stock, crew and food in the backcountry.

Six Day Course Curriculum

For this hunting and wilderness school, we provide food, lodging, and all the equipment   Our six day course will cover the following skills and more:

  • Reading elk country – If you know what to look for you can learn a lot from a topographical map.  You will learn how to predict elk bedding areas, feeding areas, and travel routes.
  • Scouting for elk – How to scout for elk without disturbing their normal behavior patterns and scaring them out of the country.
  • Hunting optics and glassing for game – One of the best tools you will have and there is a real technique to it.
  • Reading game sign – Is that track a bull or cow?  How old is that rub?  This and more.
  • Calling elk – Bugling and cow calls.  You will learn the language of elk, how and when to bugle and cow call, what call to use and when to be quiet.
  • Stalking techniques – You can improve your shot by being a better hunter.
  • Field dressing or working up the animal – The quickest and easiest ways to prepare the meat for transport on a mule or on your back.
  • Skinning, caping and trophy care – European, full, or shoulder mounts.  How to prepare the hide for the taxidermist and keep it in pristine condition in hot or cold weather.
  • Scoring of trophies – Learn how to judge a trophy before you shoot and how to score him after he is down.
  • Day pack; what the pros carry – Have everything you need and nothing extra.  Those few extra pounds really add up in elk country.
  • Orienteering – Your GPS just died and you are 5 miles from the nearest trail.  Now What?

Hunting and wilderness school classes are during the day, in the evenings you’ll have time to do some awesome fly fishing, hiking or just enjoying nature by the campfire.  Class size is limited to 10 students.  Group discounts are available for groups of 4 or more.

Accomodations and Location

You will stay in our deluxe Kit Carson Basecamp.  We are located approximately half way between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks (see directions).  If you plan to fly, arrange flights to Missoula MT. (MSO). 

CourseAvailable DatesPrice per participant
Backcountry horsemanshipGroup Dates Available$2,400
Mule and horse packingJuly and August$2,400
Elk huntingJuly and August$2,400